Our People, Our Priority



The Coillte vision for our people throughout the Group sees them as committed to personal achievement and delivering service beyond customer expectations thus enabling the Group to achieve outstanding commercial success. Policy in this area is the responsibility of the 'Group Director of Human Resources'.


The Goal of the Group HR Team is for : -

  • Coillte to have the right mix of people and skills organised in the right way to meet our business requirements;
  • all employees to be provided with the opportunity to fulfil their true potential;
  • employees to be rewarded commensurate with their level of responsibility and performance;
  • employees to be fully engaged in our business and in its future;
  • employees to be provided with a safe and healthy work environment; and
  • employees to be supported in times of difficulty.

Equal Opportunity Employer: The Coillte Group fully endorses the right of every employee to dignity in the workplace. As an equal opportunity employer Coillte fully respects the right of all employees to be treated equally and to be respected for their individuality and diversity.

Recruitment: Coillte has an open and transparent Recruitment and Selection Policy which applies to all geographic areas.

Coillte does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, colour or religious beliefs and does not record information relating to minority groups.

Group Code of Business Conduct

The Coillte Group has implemented a Group Code of Business Conduct with which all company employees are expected to comply.  The Code seeks to ensure that consistent high standards of integrity apply to all Group business dealings both internally and externally. All activities of the company and its staff must be carried out in a manner consistent with the company’s legal obligations, regulations and established or agreed procedures. Essentially the Code provides guideline information on ethical standards applying within the workplace and enables employees to address ethical issues and the manner in which any such issues should be evaluated. The Code sets out the way the company carries out its business and its expectations of the principles within which all staff relate to each other.

Disciplinary/Grievance Procedures

All Group employees are covered by Coillte’s Disciplinary/Grievance procedures which seek to deal with any instances arising in a fair, open and transparent manner while ensuring individuals involved are treated with respect and dignity.

Employee Assistance Scheme

The Coillte Group provides an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for employees and their families. It addresses wellbeing in the workplace. The EAP Programme provides support and other forms of assistance, advice and information to employees to recognised standards. The EAP is operated on a confidential basis and aims to support  employees in change and transition.

The Group’s EAP is a worksite-focused programme to assist in the identification and resolution of employee concerns which affect, or may affect, work performance. The Company recognises the desirability of promoting the health and wellbeing of their employees and believes that this is a key contributor to its continued business success and development.

Maternity Leave Policy

The Coillte Group operates a Maternity Leave Policy which provides for 26 weeks paid leave, of which at least 2 weeks must be taken before and 4 weeks after the expected date of birth. Additional maternity leave of up to 16 weeks unpaid leave may be taken immediately following paid maternity leave. Maternity leave is available to both temporary and permanent staff members.

In Total 10 women were entitled to and availed of Maternity leave in 2011. All are still employed by the Company.

Paternity Leave Policy

The Coillte Group operates a Paternity Leave Policy whereby  male employees may claim up to three paid days Paternity Leave when their spouse/partners give birth or on the adoption of a child (in line with Maternity Leave arrangements).

In Total 8 men  availed of Paternity Leave in 2011. All are still employed by the Company.

Parental Leave

The Coillte Group operates a Parental Leave policy which provides for unpaid parental leave to all employees, irrespective of gender, who have 12 months service or more with the company and who are natural or adoptive parents. 20 women and 4 men availed of Parental Leave and are still employed by the Company.

Career Breaks

Coillte also operates a Career Break scheme which allows employees to avail of a period of unpaid leave to pursue other interests such as travel, further study etc. Employees must have a minimum of 2 years service with the company and must be on active duty at the time of application. Under the terms of this scheme the company guarantees the right of the employee to return to work following the expiry of a career break.

Union Recognition and Collective Bargaining

Coillte recognises the right of employees to partake in staff representative bodies and upwards of 80% of Coillte Group employees are covered by collective bargaining agreements. The company engages fully on all aspects of significant operational change, including timeframes, with employees and staff representatives.


Coillte Group activities take place in areas where employment legislation follows fully the principles set out in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on the Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work of 1998. The Group is fully compliant with all such employment legislation in all of its areas of operation including legislation with regard to minimum wage levels; employment equality legislation and current relevant pension and superannuation legislation.

There are no risks for use of forced labour and there have been no incidents of violations involving rights of indigenous people or actions taken during 2011.

Compliance with NDA/Disability Act 2005

The Coillte Group is fully compliant with the 3% employment target with regard to the NDA/Disability Act 2005, exceeding our target in respect of 2011 and having 10 positive actions to comply with the provision of measures taken to promote and support the employment of persons with disabilities.

Lending a Helping Hand

Employee Assistance Programme

Coillte is conscious that at different times, staff will have issues which affect them personally or professionally. To support staff on an ongoing basis and to assist them during their challenging times, the company has an Employee Assistance Programme in place.

Coillte’s Employee Assistance Manager, oversees the company’s Employee Assistance Programme which provides support for Coillte staff and their families. The programme uses a proactive approach to address health and wellbeing in the workplace. It is an in-house service, designed to provide assistance to employees who are experiencing personal or professional problems. The types of issues encountered include; Family Friendly/Work-Life Balance, Emotional, Physical or Psychological health matters, Bereavement and grief support, addiction problems, stress, financial, legal and relationship issues and the provision of advice in relation to bullying or harassment. In addition, the programme facilitates employees with information on their entitlements.

The main services provided through this programme are a short-term Counselling/Coaching and Support Service to Employees; Support to Managers and Team Leaders, Referral to External Agencies if necessary; Health Promotion and Employee Well-being, Policy Development; Development/Training and the publication of relevant surveys or reports.

The EAP is operated on a strictly confidential basis and aims to ensure that staff are fully supported in good times and bad.